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Outfish Your Friends: Best Cod Fishing Lures Revealed!

Are you tired of heading out for a day of cod fishing only to return empty-handed? The secret to catching more cod lies in choosing the right lure or bait. In this blog post, we will reveal the top 5 best cod fishing lures and baits proven to attract fish like a magnet.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the sport, these time-tested options can significantly increase your chances of success on both saltwater and freshwater expeditions.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understanding the difference between lures and baits, as well as their importance in color and scent, can significantly improve your odds of catching cod fish.
  2. The top 5 best cod fishing lures and baits include jigs like the Spro Bucktail Jig, soft plastics such as the Berkley Gulp! Alive! Swimming Mullet, spoons like the Williamson Lures Benthos Speed Jig, plugs including the Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig, and natural baits like sea clam and squid.
  3. Other effective lures and baits for catching cod include cut bait, ragworms, lugworms, Westin Slim Jim’s Hart Wasabi or Inchiku jigs or HTO Artic Eel.
  4. Factors that play a crucial role in your success are weather conditions, fish behavior and location when targeting Murray Cod or Atlantic Cod of Pollock while experimenting with different techniques and gear to increase your chances of success.

Understanding The Basics Of Cod Fishing Lures And Baits

Knowing the difference between lures and baits, and understanding the importance of color and scent, as well as factors to consider when selecting a lure or bait can make all the difference in your success when cod fishing.

Difference Between Lures And Baits

Understanding the difference between lures and baits is crucial for anglers who want to improve their odds of catching cod. In essence, fishing lures are artificial devices designed to mimic the appearance and movement of real prey.

They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns that resemble small fish or other aquatic creatures to attract hungry cod.

On the other hand, baits refer to natural food sources used to entice fish into biting a hook. Examples include live or dead sea clam, squid, worms or cut bait such as smaller fish chunks that can be attached directly to your fishing rig’s hook.

For example, many off-grid living enthusiasts who enjoy saltwater fishing often rely on a combination of both tactics: they might cast out an attractive jigging lure while simultaneously lowering down natural bait on another line lower depths where cod may be lurking nearby.

Importance Of Color And Scent

When it comes to cod fishing lures and baits, color and scent are important factors to consider. Different colors can attract different fish species, while certain scents can help entice fish to take the bait.

For example, bright colors like pink or chartreuse are great options for murky waters, as they create more contrast and visibility underwater.

Scent is also crucial when selecting a lure or bait. Many experienced anglers use scent attractants or dips on their lures to increase their chances of catching fish. Artificial scents like garlic oil or shrimp scent can be sprayed onto lures before casting them out to make them more enticing for cod.

Factors To Consider In Selecting A Lure Or Bait

When it comes to selecting the best lure or bait for cod fishing, there are a few factors to consider. The first is the difference between lures and baits. Lures are artificial imitations of prey that fish find attractive, while baits are natural substances like squid or sea clam that entice fish through scent and taste.

Another important factor is color and scent – different colors can be effective at attracting different species, and adding scent attractants like Fishbites or Berkley Gulp! Alive! can increase bite rates.

Finally, it’s important to match your lure or bait to the conditions you’re fishing in – for example, soft plastics may work well in calm water while jigs might be more effective in rougher seas.

Top 5 Best Cod Fishing Lures And Baits

The top 5 best cod fishing lures and baits include jigs like the Spro Bucktail Jig, soft plastics such as the Berkley Gulp! Alive! Swimming Mullet, spoons like the Williamson Lures Benthos Speed Jig, plugs including the Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig, and natural baits like sea clam and squid.

1. Jigs (Spro Bucktail Jig)

One of the top 5 best cod fishing lures is the Spro Bucktail Jig. This jig is highly effective in catching both cod and pollock. The Spro Bucktail Jig imitates a wounded baitfish, which attracts fish to strike aggressively.

These jigs come in various sizes and colors, allowing anglers to match their lure selection with the current baitfish in the area or to experiment with different color combinations that may entice more bites.

The versatility of these jigs allows for multiple presentation methods such as bouncing along rocky bottoms or slowly retrieving through deeper waters.

2. Soft Plastics (Berkley Gulp! Alive! Swimming Mullet)

Soft plastics, such as the Berkley Gulp! Alive! Swimming Mullet, are great for catching cod fish. These lures can mimic the movement of a live baitfish and can attract even the pickiest fish.

Soft plastics come in a variety of colors and sizes to match any fishing condition or species you may encounter.

Moreover, soft plastics like the Berkley Gulp! Alive! Swimming Mullet have a long shelf life compared to natural baits. This means you can store them in your tackle box without worrying about spoiling or melting away like traditional baits do.

3. Spoons (Williamson Lures Benthos Speed Jig)

Spoons are another effective type of lure for cod fishing, with the Williamson Lures Benthos Speed Jig being a top choice. These heavy-duty spoons have a realistic baitfish profile and come in multiple sizes and colors to match the local forage.

When using spoons, it’s important to vary your retrieve speed and cadence, as well as adjusting the depth at which you fish. This will help you find what works best on any given day and attract more cod to your bait.

Additionally, incorporating scent attractants like Berkley Gulp! Alive! with your spoon can enhance its effectiveness even further.

4. Plugs (Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig)

Another highly effective lure for catching cod is the Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig. This plug has a realistic baitfish profile and comes in a range of sizes, suitable for targeting both larger and smaller fish.

One angler reported their success with this lure, saying they caught their biggest ever cod using the Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig: “I was fishing off the coast of Maine and within minutes after dropping my line I had hooked an enormous cod.

5. Natural Baits (Sea Clam And Squid)

When it comes to natural baits for cod fishing, sea clam and squid are two of the most effective options available. Sea clams are particularly popular with cod fishers because they emit a strong scent that attracts fish from miles away.

Squid is another excellent natural bait that can be used to catch both Atlantic Cod and Pollock. Squid has a unique texture and scent that makes it irresistible to many species of fish, including cod.

It’s also easy to rig on lures or use as cut bait when fishing from shore.

Other Effective Lures And Baits For Cod Fishing

There are also a variety of other lures and baits that can be effective for catching cod, such as cut bait, ragworm, lugworm, Westin Slim Jim, Hart Wasabi, Hart Inchiku, HTO Artic Eel and more.

Cut Bait

Cut bait is a popular and effective option for cod fishing. This technique involves chopping up a fresh fish like herring or mackerel into small pieces, creating bite-sized chunks that can be used as bait.

The scent of the cut bait will attract nearby cod, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

One advantage of using cut bait is that it can be easily customized to suit different fishing conditions. For example, you can vary the size and shape of the chunks depending on what type of fish are present in the area.

Additionally, by experimenting with different types of fresh fish, you may find that certain varieties work better than others when targeting cod.


Ragworm is a naturally occurring bait that is highly effective in catching cod. This type of worm can be found on sandy or muddy beaches and is often used by anglers who prefer to fish with natural baits.

Ragworms are long, slimy worms that have a distinct movement in the water that attracts fish.

One important factor to consider when using ragworm as bait is their size. Smaller worms are ideal for catching smaller cod, while larger ones work better for bigger fish.

Additionally, it’s essential to keep them cool and moist until use so they don’t dry out or become too hard on the hook.


Best cod fishing lures

Lugworm is a popular natural bait used when targeting cod. This worm ranges in size from 4 to 10 inches and can be easily obtained from the beach or purchased at a local tackle shop.

Lugworms are effective because they excrete a scent that attracts fish, making them more likely to bite. They can also be threaded onto hooks in different ways, allowing for versatility in presentation.

When using lugworm as bait, it’s important to pay attention to the tide and find areas where fish are feeding, such as around rocks or near drop-offs.

Westin Slim Jim

The Westin Slim Jim is one of the most effective lures for catching cod. This lure is designed to mimic the movement of a baitfish and comes in a range of colors that are attractive to cod.

When fishing with the Westin Slim Jim, anglers should consider using a slow retrieve or jigging motion to entice bites from hungry cod. It’s also essential to match your lure color selection based on water clarity conditions and fish behavioral patterns at any given time.

Hart Wasabi

The Hart Wasabi is an excellent jigging lure for cod fishing. It is designed to imitate a small baitfish and has proven effective in catching big cods. This lure features two hooks that are strategically placed, making it difficult for the fish to escape once they’ve been hooked.

Many anglers prefer using jigs when fishing for cod because they can be used at different depths, depending on where the fish are located within the water column. The Hart Wasabi comes in different sizes and weights, making it versatile enough to be used in any condition or location you may find yourself in while off-grid living.

Hart Inchiku

Another effective lure for catching cod is the Hart Inchiku. This Japanese-inspired jigging system consists of a weighted head with a single hook and a soft-bodied skirted tail.

The design allows the lure to imitate natural prey movements, making it highly enticing for hungry cod.

Many anglers swear by the Hart Inchiku’s effectiveness in attracting big cod, especially when used in combination with scent attractants like Berkley Gulp! Alive! However, it’s important to note that this type of fishing requires some skill and finesse; you need to jig the lure up and down rhythmically to entice bites without spooking the fish.

HTO Artic Eel

The HTO Artic Eel is a versatile and effective lure for catching cod. Made from soft plastic, the eel-shaped lure mimics the action of a live baitfish, making it irresistible to hungry cod.

The realistic design includes detailed eyes and scales, as well as a paddle tail that creates an enticing swimming motion in the water. Anglers can use this lure with a variety of techniques, including slow retrieves or vertical jigging over deep water structures.

Tips And Tricks For Catching More Cod With Lures And Baits

Vary your retrieve speed and technique, use scent attractants, fish at different depths, consider the time of year and location, and experiment with different colors and sizes to catch more cod with lures and baits.

Vary Your Retrieve Speed And Technique

Varying your retrieve speed and technique can significantly increase your chances of catching more cod when using lures and baits. Experiment with different speeds, such as slow and steady or quick bursts, to see what the fish respond best to.

Another great way to vary your approach is to use a combination of lures and baits during your fishing trip. This allows you to target different depths in the water column and gives you a better chance of finding where the cod are biting.

Use Scent Attractants

Using scent attractants can significantly increase your chances of catching more cod. Cod have a keen sense of smell, and adding scented bait to your lure or using a spray-on attractant can make your presentation irresistible to them.

Some popular scent options include fish oils, squid juice, and garlic oil. You can also try using chum bags filled with ground-up fish or clam shells to create an enticing scent trail that will bring the cod closer to your bait.

Fish At Different Depths

To increase your chances of catching more cod, it is important to fish at different depths. Some days, the fish may be closer to the surface while other times they could be hanging out near the bottom.

To determine where the fish are biting, use a fishing finder or experiment by gradually changing depths until you get a bite.

It’s also important to consider the time of year and location when selecting depths to fish at. During colder months, cod tend to move deeper into waters with warmer temperatures, which means you may need to adjust your approach accordingly.

Consider The Time Of Year And Location

It’s important to take into account the time of year and location when choosing your cod fishing lures and baits. During colder months, when waters are cooler, using natural bait like sea clams or squid can be more effective in attracting fish.

In contrast, during warmer months, artificial lures like soft plastics and jigs may yield better results. Additionally, understanding where to fish is crucial for success.

Cod tend to favor rocky areas with strong currents for feeding purposes.

Experiment With Different Colors And Sizes

To increase your chances of catching more cod and pollock, it’s essential to experiment with different colors and sizes of lures and baits. Cod can be quite picky when it comes to bait selection, so changing things up until you find what they like is key.

Some anglers swear by using bright green or chartreuse colored lures while others swear by dark-colored ones.

It’s also important to pay attention to the type of water you’re fishing in. If the water is murky or stained, go for brighter colors such as pink and orange; if the water is clearer or calm, try natural-looking colors like brown or green.

Factors To Consider When Using Lures And Baits

Consider weather and water conditions, the time of day, and observation of fish behavior when using lures and baits for cod fishing.

Weather And Water Conditions

The weather and water conditions play an important role in cod fishing. Knowing the right time to fish can be key to a successful catch. In general, overcast days are better than sunny ones as the light isn’t as harsh and it’s easier for the fish to see lures or bait.

Additionally, windy days create more currents which stir up baitfish and attract predators like cod.

In terms of water conditions, colder waters tend to be favorable for cod fishing, particularly during the winter months when they move closer to shore seeking warmer waters.

Cod prefer depths between 50-200 feet deep and rocky structures such as drop-offs or wrecks make good areas to target them with lures or natural baits such as squid or sea clam.

Time Of Day

The best time of day for cod fishing can vary depending on the season and location. Generally, early morning and late afternoon are good times to fish, as the water is cooler and fish tend to be more active during these times.

However, some anglers prefer nighttime fishing for cod since they typically feed at night.

If you’re planning a trip to catch Murray Cod, keep in mind that they tend to be most active during dawn and dusk hours, particularly during summer months when water temperatures are warmer.

Using artificial lures like soft plastics or jigs can also increase your chances of catching Murray Cod during these peak feeding periods.

Observation Of Fish Behavior

To maximize your chances of catching more cod, it’s essential to observe their behavior. Fish can be unpredictable at times, but learning their patterns and preferences will help you anticipate their movements and improve your chances of success.

For instance, if you notice that the fish are feeding near the surface, consider using a topwater lure or baitfish imitation to entice bites.

Another thing to keep in mind is that fish tend to become more active during certain parts of the day. Typically, early morning and late evening/nighttime are prime times for fishing as these periods coincide with feeding activities.

However, this can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and seasonality.


In conclusion, selecting the right cod fishing lure or bait is essential for a successful catch. The top 5 best cod fishing lures and baits outlined in this article provide anglers with a variety of options to choose from.

However, it’s important to remember that factors such as weather conditions, fish behavior, and location also play a crucial role in your success. Whether you’re targeting Murray Cod, Atlantic Cod or Pollock, experimenting with different techniques and gear can help you increase your chances of success.


1. What are some of the most effective cod fishing lures and baits on the market?

Some of the best cod fishing lures and baits include jigs, soft plastics, squid imitations, herring rigs, and shrimp or crab bait.

2. How can I choose the right lure or bait for my cod fishing needs?

Consider factors such as water depth, time of day, weather conditions and current trends in order to select a lure or bait that will be most successful in attracting bites from hungry fish.

3. Are there any additional tips for using these top 5 best cod fishing lures effectively?

Experiment with different retrieval speeds until you find one that elicits the most bites; try varying your casting distances to cover different areas; and avoid overworking your lure by allowing it to sink naturally before giving it a gentle twitch.

4. Can I use these same lures and baits for other types of fishing besides just catching cod?

Absolutely! Many of these top-rated cod-fishing lures also work well when targeting other species like halibut, striped bass, bluefish or even trout – simply adjust your tactics accordingly based upon what techniques have been proven effective in each particular environment you’re exploring (i.e., trolling vs casting).


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